You & I (Tom Phonic Remix)

Isa Lopez – You & I (Tom Phonic Remix)

Tom Phonic remixes “You & I” from talented singer songwriter, Isa Lopez’s album Montage. The remix is being released in celebration of Montage’s 1 year anniversary and is a push off for Tom Phonic’s upcoming collaboration album with singers and MCs such as Ifthen, Swimfloat, Jack Wilson and returning singer Vanessa Boyd.

Share The Fantasy

MeccaGodzilla – Share The Fantasy

Here’s a very dope beat just released today on soundcloud by MeccaGodzilla. And below is a description per Mecca himself:

#TBT How many of the #Freeport fam and 70s x 80s babies remember the Ridley Scott Chanel No. 5 commercial? As a child, I would stop what I was doing every time this commercial came on Television. The Music, the imagery and the words…although I didn’t know what it meant at the time, had a HUGE impatient on my mind…

I had no choice, as a producer, that does sample music from time to flip this. See the original commerical here:
Download –
Get more free music here:

If you like it. Share it. This is part of the series I created called
“Click Clack – The Jerrold Experiment”
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Zouk Bass Volume 3

Generation Bass just dropped their 3rd Zouk Bass compilation. Free download and it is not to be missed. Download here after you read some of the history of this new electronic genre. Track list is below:

1. DZC Deejays – Suspense
2. Chong X – Phalawatas
3. Bison & Squareffekt – Ghetto Tarraxo
4. SaBBo – Slow Hello
5. OktoRed – Brains and Crystals
6. Gingee – Jangala
7. Happy Colors & Chuck Upbeat – Maldita Puta
8. Sauvage FM – Gnawaxinha
9. JSTJR – Monadnock
10. Missy Elliot – Get Your Zouk On (Riot Bootleg)
11. Banginclude – Apeshit
12. Reptilian Commander – Kiritimati
13. Jameston Thieves – Dagga
14. Morrison – Kaliber
15. MikeLuma X TomPhonic – Landlord
16. Mala Noche – Maconha
17. William Araujo – Ta Male (Dj Express Remix)
18. KJs – Tempest
19. Rhythmstar – Dark Artz
20. Insane Fennel – Carol of the Bells\


BangInclude – Apeshit

This shit is dope as “Do Androids Dance” has reported:

Per BangInclude’s soundcloud:

zouk + trap/lex luger sounds/dirty south shee = dirty zouk ;-)

Free DL at:

Some people have told me that zouk bass is too slow, so I figured why not slow it down even more- to 72BPM — and here we go!
About this track…
Sometimes you slave forever over a track…try a ton of things and nothing seems to work. Sometimes everything you try just works and it seems like the forces of the universe are guiding you the whole time.
This track is an example of the latter… every idea i had just fit in… So, I just kept goin and throwing in a ton of stuff. All of the sounds come from tracks I have started over the last year, most of them i didnt finish:-) . Also, I wanted to make a track for reaching 1000 followers on Facebook. So, It made sense to turn it into a Banginclude Theme song, something a bit more personal than the stuff I usually put out.
This one goes out to all my followers,fellow artists and everyone else that supports me. Thanks so much! -
1000 FB followers/2000 Soundcloud followers track

Samples taken from ‘Favela Rising’

Bama Pi

Pugs Atomz – Bama Pi

Getting really excited about Tokyo Dawn’s newest release. This album, “Bama Pi”, is sounding more like a need after every preview I listen to. Buy in on December 30th.


U Don’t Know Us – Episode One

Celebrate this Thanksgiving with “U Don’t Know Us” first podcast! resident DJ Jon Is went all out and made you a 50 minute mix of beats just for you! Download, enjoy, listen & love. Happy Holidays!

Artists Include:
The Heavy
Pretty Lights
Lion Kngs
Great Dane
Spark Master Tape
Kyle Rapps
Isaiah Toothtaker
Meek Demeo
Kendrick Lamar
Flatbush ZOMBIES
RL Grime
Slim Thug
Mike Jones
Sweatson Klank


Mr. Bill – The Things That Inspire Me

Oh yea, great funky glitchy DJ set right here by Mr. Bill:

Here’s a DJ set I did on for a friends event ‘Sunday Funkday’. Essentially it’s just a compilation of all the stuff that inspires me the most. I originally had just chucked it up for a day or so on a fake account to play it at the event, then I shared the link after the set allowing people to download it for free (however, forgot about the 100 download limit on new/non-pro SoundCloud accounts). The general consensus of people on my social networks was that I should re-upload it on my actual account with unlimited free downloads, so that’s exactly what I’m doing!


Circuit Bent – Pantest
Incognito – Get Into My Groove (Jazzanova Re-Groove)
Peaches – Fuck The Pain Away (Nesono Remix)
Peaches – Fuck The Pain Away (Acapella)
Circuit Bent – Wrong Way Road
Rob Clouth Sifting Through Static
Circuit Bent & Tristan Boyle – Kytech
Circuit Bent – OSC2
Seekae – +Dome
Squarepusher – My Red Hot Car
Squarepusher – Coopers World
Aphex Twin – Vordhosbn
Dauwd – What’s There
Mount Kimbie – 50 Mile View
Presk – Love Again
Kilowatts – Night Writer
Tristan Boyle – Baysu Depiction
Kilowatts – Everglade
Skrillex – Cats Rats
The Flashbulb – Kirlian Choices



Mr. Owl – ‘Consumers Become Producers’ Mixtape feat Jack Wilson

As paradoxical as it sounds, artists might be the ultimate consumers: sponges on a reconnaissance mission to absorb what they will later wring into the bucket of their chosen craft – the resulting alchemy thus becoming the artist’s own creation. On “Consumers Become Producers”, Pittsburgh’s @Mr. Owl has soaked up and seamlessly blended some of today’s most cutting-edge independent music into which poet/MC @Jack Wilson regurgitates his own slop of socially-conscious wit and sharp hip-hop influenced wordplay to produce a groundbreaking mix of everything Owl and Wilson represent as creative consumers. Digest accordingly.

Lyric Scroll prepared by Jack Wilson, if you’d like to follow along with the vocals


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[00:00] moffftech (japan) – insomnia
[02:36] prozak morris feat zeus (LA) – ILLegitimate
[03:48] sweet love beatz (rostov-on-don) – walk on by
[05:25] yahn looke picard (minneapolis) – the fawn
[06:48] insightful (SF/SD) – a strange soul
[08:43] malefique (moscow) – mind change
[10:08] beat maker beat (st petersburg) – fruit salad
[11:30] juj (LA/santa cruz) – interstellar rainbows
[12:23] prof.logik & ben jamin (SC/NZ) – freeze pop
[14:07] ben jamin & dailon (NZ/SF) – anythoughts
[14:33] ben jamin & yahn looke picard (NZ/mnpls) – seoul 85
[15:16] beat maker beat – shining
[17:01] beat maker beat – i’ll be rolling
[17:34] gungkst & dailon (denver/SF) – yerbal remedy
[18:42] ichiro_ (japan) – crawl
[20:24] insightful – 45 minutes
[21:57] prof.logik & professor panson (SC/san jose) – lost thoughts
[23:25] prof.logik & supfa (SC/minneapolis) – pass it round
[25:00] sir froderick (philly) – latenightthinkin’
[26:19] dailon – future paradise
[28:11] kingpin (pittsburgh/miami) – the future is now
[30:03] sweet love beatz – cat musiq
[31:17] samwise (brighton UK) – shhhhh-nippet (prof.logik remix)
[32:46] yahn looke picard – bluebirds
[33:20] beat maker beat feat versis – the need
[34:31] lightlike (london) – kilderkin
[35:27] malefique – ghosts
[37:03] handbook (york UK) – call anytime
[38:19] malefique – budda
[39:28] spaed & mr. owl (pittsburgh) – flava flav is always on time
[43:12] dam^beer (dom rep) – galaxy jeska
[44:07] malefique – time a come rewalk
[45:41] spaed (pittsburgh) – i nevva knew
[47:29] ta-ku (australia) – pagasa


“Now here is a real treat. A supreme mix from MR. OWL, he has gathered artists/producers from all over this planet to present us a truly amazing experience. Including beats by folks like MALEFIQUE, YAHN LOOKE PICKARD, PROF.LOGIK, HANDBOOK, and many many many more, this mix ups the ante by throwing the master of ceremonies, Jack Wilson, on some supreme spoken word trip that lasts nearly the greater length of this epic collection.”
-ChrisGFR @ Grappa Frisbee Records

“Although I often find myself frustrated and depressed by the barrage of bullshit that floods my Soundcloud inbox; however, sometimes, whilst wading through the anonymous links of producers longing for recognition, there is a moment of magic. And this Consumers Become Producers mixtape by Mr. Owl (of Dominant Force) and Jack Wilson is one of the more inventive concepts (and uses for Soundcloud), I’ve heard in a while. Essentially, Mr. Owl spent tireless hours canvassing Soundcloud for various beats, compiled a mixtape of his favorite finds… and enlisted MC/poet, Jack Wilson, to rhyme over them all with the overarching theme of the musical consumer creating something new out of these Soundcloud treasures. … This is a brilliant concept that is well executed. Tell your friends.”
-JERKSTORE @ Sick Chirpse

“I just got round to checking out Mr. Owl & Jack Wilson’s “Consumers Become Producers” mix which I am sharing with you here right now. This one features just over 47 minutes of music courtesy of a bunch of great up and coming producers including Prof.Logik, Ben Jamin, Malefique, Handbook and many more! On top of that, you have Jack Wilson blessing the beats with his vocals. … Be on the lookout for another project from Mr. Owl/Collective Resonance soon”
-minipimp @ Collective Resonance

“Hip-Hop in my opinion though I love it remains a genre that could benefit from experimentation and new ideas. Recently I had the pleasure of linking up with a Pittsburgh MC by the name of Jack Wilson. Due to a mutual respect for each others craft we he it off immediately. Soon after I was blessed with the opportunity to be featured on a track with him. The tracks production was not conventional to say the least. MR. Owl an abstract beat maker and Pittsburgh native laced it with a style that set it apart from anything I had ever conceived could be a hip hop track but nonetheless the blend was magical. Just recently both Jack and the Owl himself teamed up and created the project for which the cover is shown. Sparatic in nature this entire project maintains a mind-bending scheme that is somehow intoxicating. Edgy syllable placement and an other worldly sound seen to expand to spark a metaphor that could not be put into words. With that said I suggest you click the link and spark the auditory senses.”
-Avant-Garde @ Endless Euphony

“Mr. Owl always deliver hot mixes, this one is none other than genius. Give it a listen people!”
-Pierre Michel @ PMD


Conspiracy Theory – Jonathan Toth from Hoth


RELEASE DATE: November 19, 2013 (for JFK’s 50th anniversary)
FILE UNDER: Political hip hop
Buy the album here for $8 and receive the full digital download upon album release date.
Buy the album from for $10 and receive the CD album plus the digital download upon album release date.


Jon Is @ Cam Jam 2013

Jon Is will be performing @ Cam Jam Festival 2013 September 14 at the Gowanda Moose Lodge.

This is a benefit festival including:
Car show (if i’m feeling brave, i’ll load up the 1′s n 2′s in my ’71 Datsun 240z)
50/50 drawing
Drunk Tank
Bounce House
Face Painting
Cam Jam T-Shirts
Cam Bears (CamJam teddy bears)
Food drive
Horse Shoes
Swing Sets

Performing artists are as follows:
Jon Is 3pm
Mikanecho 4:10pm
Weird Structures 5:20pm
Roma 6:30pm
BlueShift 7:50pm

Jon Is also spinning music in between bands. So, Jon Is going to be on the 1′s & 2′s all day. Come before 3pm to see Jon Is perform his new 1 hour set. 2 turntables and an MPC.


Great Dane “You’ll Know Soon” Mix aka LA Freeway Essentials Vol. 2

Great Dane has been dropping some seriously heavy music lately. I Just can’t get enough of it. This new mix is no exception. Weighing in at a little over 30 minutes, do yourself a favor and listen through. Track list and all links below:

Sweat – Great Dane

DREATGANE – Great Dane

Chantingz – AshTreJinkins (unreleased)

I Feel Like Dying – Lil Wayne

TS 62 – J- Wiz

TS 62 Ext. – Great Dane

Gobstomper – J Dilla

187 BPM – Zikomo

#D4MN (DOWN 4 MY NIGGAZ) – Bukkweat Bill

Click – Great Dane

Time: The Donut of the Heart – J Dilla

Stério (TS 50 ext.) – Great Dane

Cookie Dough – Zikomo

Captain Murphy – Mighty Morphin Foreskin (ELOS REMIX)

Trap Funeral – Great Dane

Tamale – King Henry & Great Dane

UDKU - July 13th

UDKU – Brooklyn

First of the summer UDKU summer series I’m putting together for 2013, is going to be on an awesome Saturday night. UDKU features local electronic, hip hop and dubstep producers playing all original music live in front of your eyes. Come nod your head, dance dirty, chill and have a drink all while enjoying the wondrous live visuals of the Sperm Whale duo. Want a taste of the tunes, click below:


WHEN: Saturday July 13th 2013, 9:00 PM – 1:00 AM

WHERE: BrandedSaloon: 603 Vanderbilt Ave, Brooklyn, New York 1123


Tom Phonic: Electronic / Boom Bap Instrumental

Pablo Asscobar: EDM / Bass / Moombaton

Odd Logic: Dubstep / Experimental / Hip Hop

MATAS: Beat Scene / Hip Hop / Lounge

The Sperm Whale:

Really hope to see you all there, this UDKU kick off party is going to be a blast! Invite your friends.

PS- If there are any MC’s in the house, we’ll have a mic set up for some free style if you’re so inclined.